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Wu-tang (1) C.R.E.A.M. 2 Ko
2pac (2) I ain't mad at cha, Changes 5 Ko
Dr Dre (3) Nuthin but a G thang, Guilty conscience, Keep their heads ringin 7 Ko
Notorious B.I.G (4) Big poppa, Mo money mo problems, Ready to die, One more chance 32 Ko
The firm (1) Phone tap 32 Ko
Big pun (1) Still not a player 23 Ko
Warren G (1) Regulate 9 Ko
Run Dmc (1) Sucka MC's 1 Ko
Busta Rhymes (1) Put your hands where my eyes can see 31 Ko
Rakim (1) Guess who's back 42 Ko
Slick Rick (1) Children story 27 Ko
Gangstarr (1) Royalty 17 Ko
Sugarhill gang (1) Rapper's delight 1 Ko
Wyclef (1) Guantanamera 42 Ko
The Fugees (2) Fugeela, Killing me softly 9 Ko
Nas (1) If i ruled the world 9 Ko
Snoop dog (4) Tha shiznit, Murder was the case, What's my name, G's and hustlas 72 Ko
Jay-Z (4) Nigga what, Hard knock life, Feelin it, A million and one questions 57 Ko
Eminem (5) The real slim shady, Stan, My name is, Bad meets evil, Guilty conscience 10 Ko
KRS-One (1) Friend 36 Ko
Destiny's child (1) Bills bills bills 2 Ko
LL cool J (2) Phenomenon, Hey lover 5 Ko
Bone thugz n harmony (4) Crossroads, Look into my eyes, Bone teach, Days of our live 12 Ko
Coolio (1) Gangsta's paradise 6 Ko
Luniz (1) I got 5 on it 4 Ko
Dru hill (1) How deep is your love 11 Ko
Mariah Carey (14) Fantasy, My all, Hero, Sweetheart, When you believe, Sweet day, Make it happen, I'll never forget you, I'll be there, Honey, Emotions, Dreamlover, Butterfly, Breakdown 118 Ko
Mark Morrison (1) Return of the mac 7 Ko
Puff daddy (1) Come with me 4 Ko
Will Smith (1) Wild wild west 4 Ko